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Grigory Sedukh is

World's first Violin-Piccolo soloist.


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The Violin-Piccolo is a unique instrument created by American luthier and acoustician, Dr.Carleen M. Hutchins. The Violin-Piccolo, also known as the "treble-violin”, is the result of Dr. Hutchins’ 30 years scientific research, based on the study of string instruments made before 18th and to 21st century.


Violin-Piccolo takes the smallest and highest tune part of New Violin Family , called Hutchins Octet. This Octet is a new string instruments studied, calculated and developed scientifically. The Violin-Piccolo utilizes many of the constructional features of a regular string instrument, like those of baroque violin-piccolo tuned a third higher than a modern violin. But most remarkable feature of this instrument is the tunes one octave higher than usual violin. To realize this, Dr. Hutchins use a special E strings of 0.178mm and 530,000 psi called Rocket wire which is developed at Bell Laboratory for NASA’s requirement in collaboration with famous Musical Strings Company "Super Sensitive".

Due to its small size (compared to an antique crochet or pocket violins) and unusual proportions, one needs to find a completely new technical approach to play this instrument and to adapt to the way it carries sounds.


Besides being tuned one octave higher than a normal violin, the defining features of this wonderful instrument include its unique timbre, a combination of violin, flute and oboe timbres, and an unusually powerful volume of sound in spite of its delicate construction. To many listeners, the Violin-Piccolo’s sound is reminiscent of both the human voice and birds singing.

The Violin-Piccolo was presented to Mr. Sedukh in 1995, and since then has become its pioneer and passionate promoter. Mr. Sedukh and his beloved instrument are the subjects of an ever-growing audience from listeners, scientists, numerous reviews, articles, and concert engagements all over the world. Mr. Sedukh’s broad choice of repertoire includes over three hundred works from baroque to the present. The universality of the Violin-Piccolo’s sound qualities and its excellence of construction, make this instrument well-suited for the 21st century.


Keiko Kawashima - Grigory Sedukh's Artist manager

K&Associates International|川島 佳子

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