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My concerts 1996 - 2011

December 23. 1996. January 13. 1997. Interior Theater St.Petersburg. 
D. Scarlatti. 5 violin sonatas with organ. 
March 19.1997. St.Petersburg Philharmony. Big Hall. 
A.Vivaldi. Flute concerto D-major. Little Goldfinch op. 10 #3. 
With St.Petersburg Philharmony Orchestra. 
November 8.1997. St.Petersburg Philharmony. 
April 5.1998. St.Petersburg Philharmony. Big Hall. 
Ch. de Beriot. Violin concerto No. 9 A-minor. op.104. 
With St.Petersburg Philharmony Orchestra. 
June 03. 1998. Denver. 
June 04. 1998. Colorado Springs. 
June 06. 1998. Santa Fe. 
June 07. 1998. Albuquerque. 
June 10. 1998. Denver. 
June 12. 1998. Snowmass. 
September 26. 1998 Illasi. Itali. 
November 1. 1998. Great Hall of St.Petersburg Philharmony. 
A.Vivaldi. Piccolo-flute concerto A-minor. Op.6 No. 9 
December 26. 1998. St.Ekaterina Church. St.Petersburg. 
Special Christmas programm in arrangement by R.J. Miller. 
April 6.1999. St.Petersburg Philharmony. 
November 14.1999. St.Petersburg. Column Hall of State Gerzen University 
A.Vieuxtempst. Violinconcert #5. 
With St.Petersburg State Simphony Orchestra "Classic"
December 19.1999. St.Petersburg. Palace of Count Sheremetyev. 
Oktober 16 and 17. 1999 Tokyo. Japan. 
December 25. International Winter Festival "Arts Square", Yusupov Palace, St. Petersburg.
F.Keisler - N.Karsh. Syncopations. 
With St. Petersburg Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. 
January 11.2000. Moscow Konservatory. 
March 13.2000. St.Petersburg Philharmony. 
May 12. 2000 Tallinn. Estonia. 
May 28.2000. St.Petersburg. Palace of Count Sheremetyev 
September 13. 2000 Hiruzen. Japan 
September 14. 2000 Kannabe. Japan. 
September 15. 2000 Kurashiki. Japan. 
September 16 &17. 2000 Toyohashi. Japan. 
September 18 &19 2000 Tokyo. Japan. 
December 25. International Winter Festival "Arts Square", Yusupov Palace, 
St. Petersburg. 
With St. Petersburg Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. 
February 18. 2001. St.Petersburg. Palace of Mrs.Kotcneva. 
April 8.2001. St.Petersburg Philharmony. 
September 4 - 15. 2001 Amsterdam. Nederlands
November 14. 2001 Kannabe. Japan. 
November 16. 2001 Hiruzen. Japan. 
November 17. 2001 Yurubino. Hayashima. Japan.
November 19. 2001 Toyohashi. Aichi. Japan. 
November 20. 2001 Yebisu. Tokyo. Japan. 
November 21. 2001 Fuchu. Tokyo. Japan 
November 22. 2001 Takasaki. Gunma. Japan 
April 28.2002. "Special for me". Union of Composers Hall. St.Petersburg 
September 13th 2002 Kannabe. Japan 
September 15th 2002 Kurasiki. Japan 
September 16th 2002 Fuchu. Japan 
September 17th 2002 Shohokucho. Japan 
September 19th 2002 Kusecho. Japan 
September 20th 2002 Osaka. Japan 
September 21th 2002 Siga. Japan 
September 22th 2002 Yao. Japan 
September 25th 2002 Toyohasi. Japan 
September 27th 2002 Fuchu. Japan 
September 28th 2002 Takasaki. Japan 
October 27 - November 15.2002: 
. Sculpture Museum ''De Buitenplaats'', Eelde - 27 Oktober 
. Music Centre, Den Bosch - 31 Oktober 
. Les Amis de la Musique Juive - Conservatory Hall, Geneva - 3 November, 
. De IJsbreker, Amsterdam - 7 November 
. Het Bethani, Amsterdam - 10 November 
. Jewish Music Institute - St. Giles, Cripplegate Church, London 13 November 
. Het Oude Slot, Heemstede - 15 November 
January 23.2003 Great Duke Mikhail Palace. St.Petersburg 
February 23.2003. St.Ekaterina Charch. St.Petersburg 
5 Sonatas by D.Scarlatti for Violin and Klavir 
November 30.2003. Special concert for Polish Consulate. St.Petersburg 
October 11 2003 Tokyo. Japan. 
May 25.2004. Philharmonic Hall. Novgorod. 
February 11th 2005 Osaka. Japan 
February 12th 2005 Omi Maiko. Japan 
February 13th 2005 Moriyama. Japan 
February 14th 2005 Kioto. Japan 
February 16th 2005 Tokyo. Japan 
April 21. 2005. Jewish Cultural Center. Moscow 
October 31. 2005 Ithaca. USA. 
November 2. 2005. Ithaca State Theatre. USA 
November 4. 2005. New York. Metropolitan Museum. USA 
November 10. 2005. Liberal Synagogue. Amsterdam. Holland 
November 11. 2005. Stichting Bossche Synagogue. Holland 
May - June 2006. Japan 
May 24th Electric Company Murata Headquarters Hall. Nagaokakyo 
May 27th Gulliver Hall. Shiga 
May 28th Izumi En. Osaka 
May 29th Tanaka Clinic Hall. Toyohashi 
May 30th Taihei Temple. Toyohashi 
May 31st Kyoto. Three concerts for one hour. 
June 1st Izumi En. Osaka. With Koto and guitar 
June 3 Ebisu Art Cafe Tokyo. Concert for "Infini Project". 
June 4 Salon concert. Tokyo. With harpsichord 
June 5 "Russian Club". "Tango Club". Tokyo 
June 6. Masterklasses. "Infini Project". Tokyo 
November 9. 2006. "Chainise Cultural University of Taipei". Taiwan. 
Short concert, lecture, masterclass. 
November 18.2006 Nara. Japan 
November 19.2006 Tokyo. Japan 
November 20 amd 23. 2006. Masterklasses. "Infini Project". Tokyo. Japan 
May 11th. 2007. Concert in Olympic Center with Salon Orchestra. Tokyo. Japan 
May 12th. 2007. NHK Radio broadcast. Tokyo. Japan 
May 12th. 2007. Concert in Art Café. Tokyo. Japan 
May 13th. 2007. Two concerts. Fukuyama. Japan 
May 15th. 2007. Concert at Izumi-en. Japan 
May 16th. 2007. Concert at Ibaragi. Japan 
May 17th. 2007. Concert at Ibaragi Create Center. Japan 
May 18th. 2007. Company "Murata" Headquarters Hall. Nagaokakyo. Japan 
May 19th. 2007. Concert. Yamato Amour Hall with Salon Orchestra.Tokyo. Japan 
May 20th. 2007. Concert at Ryunji Temple Setagaya.Tokyo. Japan 
May 21th. 2007. Salon concert. Concert in Hospital. Chorus Concert. Kyoto. Japan 
May 22th. 2007. Concert at Toyohashi. Japan 
May 23th. 2007. TV transmission. Gunma. Japan 
May 25th. 2007. Royal Park Hotel. VIP Reception-Concert. Tokyo. Japan 
May 26th. 2007. Concert at Nigiwaiza in Yokohama. Japan 
May 27th. 2007. Concert at Nishinohora. Japan 
May 28th. 2007. Concert at Matsumoto Memorial. Tokyo. Japan 
May 29th. 2007. CD recording. Japan 
May 30th. 2007. Concert at Cafe Fronteer. Tokyo. Japan 
24.8.2007. Concert at Elena Obraztsova Competition. St.Petersburg 
Concert at February 11. 2008. Small Hall named A.K.Glazunov of St.Petersburg''s Conservatory. 
with Chamber ensemble "Virtuosos of St.Petersburg" 
Concert 27.2.2008. Agnes Hotel.Tokyo. 
Concert 2.3.2008. Urawa. with Chieko Honzawa-san 
Solo concert 4.3.2008. Tokyo 
Solo concert 7.03.2008. Tokyo. 
Concert 8.3.2008 at Chiba Planetarium 
Concert 16.3.2008 at Sony center Mediajyu. 
Concert 18.3.2008. Park Hotel.Tokyo. 
Concert 20.03.2008. Gunma. 
Family concert 22.3.2008. Tokyo. 
Jazz concerts 22.3.2008. Tokyo. 
Concerts in Japan. June 2009. 
18th morning concert in Fukuyama 
19th concert at Reed and Rose Small Hall. 
20th concert at Otuska Internatinal Museum Sistine Hall in the afternoon. 
21st concert at Munetugu Hall in Nagoya. 
25th concert at Itabashi Planetarium. 
26th concert at Planetarium in Yokkaichi. 
27th concert in Nara. 
28th conert in Ueno SOGAKUDO. Tokyo. 
29th concert at Act Hall Narimasu. Tokyo 
30th concert at Art cafe. Tokyo 
Cocert in Japan at June 2010 
Concert at Bunemon Hall (Her Majesty Grand father name). 12.06.2010 
Concert at Matsumoto Memorial. 13.06.2010 
Concert at Nagoya. 16.06.2010 
Concert at Toyohashi 18.06.2010 
Concert at Yokkaichi Planetarium with midi-piano accompaniment. 19.06.2010 
Concert at Tokyo Yamaha Hall. 21.06.2010 
Concert at Shizuoka. 22.06.2010 
Concert at Okayama. 26.06.2010 
Concert at Himeji. 27.06.2010 
Concert Concert at Tokyo Art Cafe. 30.06.2010 
Concerts in Japan at June 2011 
Concert at Matsumto Memorial. Tokyo. 12.06.2011 Solo and with Midi-piano accompaniment. 
Concert at Elementary School. 13.06.2011. 
Concert at evacuation center. 13.06.2011. Solo and with Midi-piano accompaniment. 
Concert at Ohji Hall with Sawa-san group 16.06.2011 
Concert at Chiba. 17.06.2011 
Concert at Tokyo International University. 18.06.2011 
Concert at Tokyo Art Cafe. 23.06.2011 
Concert at Hachiouji. 25.06.2011 
Concert at Fukushima. 26.06.2011 
Concert at Taihei Temple. 28.06.2011 
Concert at Nagoya. 29.06.2011 
Concert at Russian Embassy. Tokyo 30.06.2011

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